molli and mike e-session in rainy fort wayne

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

We have had so many rainy days already this Spring but fortunate for us our clients do not mind! This is our first time meeting Molli and Mike in person and we could not be more happy. They are an extremely laid back couple which always makes for stress-free e-sessions/weddings. The rain was on and off so we utilized the cover that we could find in downtown. Even though we have shot in Fort Wayne before it is always fun to go back b/c it is so much bigger than Van Wert which means there are loads more places to explore=)

Thank you for the great session guys! We are really looking forward to your wedding later this month.


jennamarie said...

Love your work! We may never have crossed paths, but you have taken some shots of people that I know... I am located in the Bluffton area. Again great work.

Jenna (my photography site)

Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

These are great. You'd never know it was raining. What a fun couple! I LOVE his shirt!