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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Every now and then I come across a shoe that I just cannot stop thinking about. I do not know if it is the approach of Fall or the obsession with colorful pieces this season, but this boot made me squeal!! I know, I know, typically I start off with the designer. Unfortunately I do not know much about her so I thought I would give her the best introduction I can think of, her work of art:

They are teal, tall, teal, suede, teal, GORGEOUS, and oh yeah, did I mention they are TEAL??!! It is a very strong opinion of mine that every woman have a great pair of tall shafted boots. They go with EVERYTHING - skirts, dresses, jeans (in which they can be worn under the pant leg or over), whatever your heart desires. And these beauties make a statement that is so fun, refreshing and chic. Are boots in any other color than black or brown for everyone? Not exactly. But I truly do think that a boot like this is so classic that just about every woman could pull it off in a stylish way.

And for the the unveiling of the designer: Fay Baldock. She designs for an awesome site called Té Casan. They feature limited edition designer shoes from basically the indie designers of the shoe world. The following is from Fay's bio:

“I don’t think you really need to know it all to create something beautiful.”

Ever mindful of the beauty of details, her shoes possess an understated thoughtfulness. Her aim: to create “one simple strong idea."
But don’t let the straight face fool you. Her soft-spoken yet approachable demeanor is not unlike her work; confidently whole. A disciplined leather upper smirks with the perfect pleat. A scalloped heel complements a rounded toe. Or, in musical terms, she could be listening to Scotland’s Belle and Sebastian one minute and Elvis the next.

Um, I pretty much love this girl!!! You can also find her shoes at

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