sara and dusty's wedding

Thursday, November 6, 2008

What a beautiful and fun wedding Sara and Dusty's was! They are the 5th couple from a group of friends whom we have photographed and we could not be more honored. First and foremost these two are best friends. They laugh so beautifully together, it is a joy to watch. Of course they had the rest of us in laughter and tears, it is really hard not to love these two!

Sara looked radiant!

Her veil kept attacking her, she embraced it of course.

Dusty doing what he does best, laugh!

What a trooper!

Sara and her brother.

A few of the couple.

Sara and her father with the mothers of the day embracing behind them.

A little "air" guitar.

One last image together before the night wrapped up.

Thank you so much Sara and Dusty! It truly was an honor to experience your day! We hope that you guys had a wonderful time on your honeymoon!


EJ said...

Beautiful as usual! I especially love the first one and the eighth one on the stairs!

sticky said...

Thanks, EJ! Sara and Dusty were fabulous!

Ashley said...

omg that ring bearer shot is SO adorable!

Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

Congratulations on a fantastic collection of images! What a beautiful bride and groom! I love the lines in the stairway shot. And the pic of them sitting on the dock is great. The air guitar pic is soooo freakin' funny, and the shadow on the floor is so metaphorical. Very nice!