a snowy kind of day

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Like many of you out there we are being snowed in today. This morning, as I stepped into the kitchen in hopes of more warm coffee, I looked out the backdoor and fell in love all over again with my favorite snow covered face. Life is full of simple little gifts and this is one of mine.

We have many images of Willis that I love - from his first swim to his eager rides on the Kelleys Island Ferry. But there is something about snow on this guy that really brings out his wonderful puppy dog face. And even though his chin has turned as white as snow over the years, we can still see that young and happy puppy whenever we look at him.

Whether you are having a snow day or not we hope that you find many priceless unexpected gifts today and everyday:o)


Katie Torres said...

Melt my heart!!! Oh my goodness. I love this little guy. I wish I was there with you snowed in and cozied up with good food and fun times. Enjoy your day. We miss you guys.

johnwaire | photo said...

i love these.

Kendra said...

He looks adorable! Our new little puppy (ok not so little he's 75 lbs) loves the snow. He is black so the snow sparkles on his coat like Willis.

mikaysmom said...

Brandy, I saw the same face on Grant this morning. You never get tired of it! Love the cute pics of your Willis!