osp indy=)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Earlier this week Sticky and I had the pleasure of attending OSP Indy. This is actually the third OSP Indy but the first time that we wre able to make. The Reynolds had a big hand in making it all happen. They did a wonderful job and we all had such a good time!!! Here are a few images from shenanigans:

Lil'g capturing an image at dinner=)

Me and lil'g

Mr Turtle has gone mad!!!

The adorable Anne Ruthmann.

Timco giving the thumbs up to Garrett's gauc making skills.

Oh yeah, there was some weird guy there named Jim Cook.

We met so many cool people that I unfortunately do not have a images of. Click here for a slideshow of the majority of them. Courtesy of KC Ferrill.


Regis said...

Garrett's High & Tight haircut looks pretty sharp.

... but any shorter and he'll look like Jim (although from what I understand, Jim's SHORT hair is an act of nature, and not an act of choice)

Tim Co. said...

it was SO great to see you guys! I have some leftover fajitas if interested i'm sure they are extra yummy now :-)!

Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

These are great! What a fun week! That pic of Jim Cook is hilarious.