a visit to california...

Monday, September 22, 2008

We traveled to sunny Cali not too long ago for some meetings and an e-session (which we will be posting soon). We are lucky enough to have some friends out there. Two of our good friends, Jordanne and Seth, just recently moved to Costa Mesa so it was so good to be able to spend some time with them while we were there! We also stayed with our very sweet friend Regis. He was an amazing host! We truly could not have had a better tour guide for our first trip to Cali. He also lives in gorgeous San Clemente which Sticky and I both agreed may be our favorite Orange County town, especially for families=)

Be kind, these were all taken with a point and shoot:

Right off the plane he took us to the water. Of course we had to take the "hey, it's the ocean" image, lol!

Bought the sunglasses off a vendor on the street in Hollywood. Sticky's broke shortly after=(

It was a first time for all of us at Pinkberry. I believe you will currently find Regis there.

We met with our good friend Kevin for some really good sushi.

Kevin and us before we dropped him off at the airport=)

We broke in Regis's fire-pit with Jordanne and Seth. Regis has the nicest place and his backyard kicks major butt!!! Just do not drop your marshmallow in the pit=)

We also attended the OSU/USC football game. Unfortunately the Buckeyes did not come to win but we had a good time regardless. Jordanne and Seth even did a little tailgating with us. Here is Regis with the girls.

The guys.

Regis and Tommy Trojan.

Just a couple of Buckeyes before the massacre.

The fly over.

Gorgeous stadium and great fans!

THANK YOU REGIS!!! We had an amazing time and all b/c you made us feel so welcome! We cannot wait for the next visit and of course we are so excited to have you come visit Ohio next year!


kennykimdotcom said...

pinkberry is awesome. regis looks like a stud w/ those two hot ladies. I never saw him smile that big before. :) good times!

6 of Four Creations said...

What an amazing time guys! I loved seeing all the pics. I know you had a blast and I'm glad you had some time to get away and enjoy life. We miss you both!


Regis said...

It was soooooo awesome to have you guys over. We definitely need to get together more often. What a blast to spend a week with you both. Miss you guys!

Sticky, just to remind you again for next time. My side of the bed is NOT part of the "guest room". You and Brandy had your own bed in your own guest room... please use that next time... it was not nice to leave Brandy by herself at night all week.

sticky said...

Funny, Regis, funny!

Kenny, I have never seen him smile that big before either. Where exactly is his left hand in that photo?

Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

ROTFLOL re the location of Regis's hand. I was wondering the same thing! If I'm not mistaken, Brandy is wearing a pretty big smile too!

It's nice to see Regis's fire pit after hearing so much about it last week. Joy and I were thinking of taking a "FAMILY" trip to visit uncle Regis, but now I'm wondering how kid-friendly his place really is. :-)

It's great to see Seth and Jordanne on here too.

FINAL POINT: Sticky has officially given me hair envy. WOW.

Regis said...


My home survived a week of Little Sticky's rampage, so I think it can handle Joy's too ;)

... come on over!!!