happy birthday to sticky!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Right now Sticky is tucked away dreaming of his big day. The first day to the beginning of his last year as a twenty-something. Little does he know that his wife is giggling away in the anticipation of posting this image:

In all seriousness though Sticky is truly an amazing guy! I still often find myself wondering how on earth I ended up with such a catch! He is kind, overwhelmingly genuine and my best friend=) He is such a gift, I am so grateful to have him as a partner in life. And how about that hair?! It just keeps getting better and better and I LOVE it!!!

Here is a little bit better representation by Garrett. This is from our holiday shoot last year:

Happy Birthday Sticky Rammel!!!


Jamie Temple said...

Aww! Happy Birthday Sticky! You have a catch in a wife too :)

Amy Carroll said...

Happy Birthday Sticky! I turned (ugh) 29 this year too. No complaints yet...not until I hit 30 next spring ;)

Have a great day!

Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

Yo Sticky!!!!! I'm honored to have been the only person present for BOTH of those pictures, other than your wife. Geeze, that sounds kind of....well, nevermind.

Hope your birthday is a super one. Joy and Graycen and I echo all those sentiments that Brandy shared above. You're a fantastic friend and a stand-up guy.

Here's to another great year!

Ryel j Photography said...

Amazing!! I second Brandy's praises you have a stellar guy... but that's because you're a top notch woman!! Here's to a year filled with even more fun filled love, wealth and the best health.