tiphanie and ryan's chicago e-session

Friday, October 24, 2008

We have been anticipating this e-session for quite sometime! We almost managed to make it happen in Sept but Mother Nature had other plans. So we rescheduled for October and I am so glad we did because it was such a gorgeous day. Tiphanie and Ryan live in a very cool loft near downtown Chicago. It just happens to be a block over from loads fo warehouses which of course we loved=) We then headed to a neighborhood with more tree lined streets and brownstones. As far as locations go the two that we had to work with could not have been better. We absolutely love Chicago and photographing these two made it even more special! What a great couple!

Love her belt! Especially nice with our logo=)

When I look at this the theme song to "Mad About You" plays in my head=)

Really great flower store was all decked out for Fall!

We loved this empty space.

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Ryel j Photography said...

um the last one is my all time favorite!! Greatness again!