jordanne and seth's holiday shoot, california style

Friday, November 21, 2008

Stick and I have some of the greatest friends and lucky for us they live all over the country=) In the last few months we have had business out in Southern California which is so great for us because Jordanne and Seth live there. This last trip could not have been more perfect as far as timing for their Holiday shoot, lil' Miss Jordanne has a very amazing new look! She always looks so great, she is a very talented hair and make-up artist among a plethora of other creative things. Of course these two could shave their heads and dye their skin green and they would still be one of the hottest couples ever! They are always and absolute blast to photograph and we are honored to call them friends.

A special thank you to Regis Chen for some amazing lighting skill. He is another one of our fabulous Cali friends, we truly cannot say enough about this guy! We were able to snag a couple quick ones of him as well:

Thanks to everyone for making our trip to Cali so fun! Can't wait to come back, hopefully sooner than later=)


Rachel W. said...

Jordanne and Seth look great! The photos make me miss her even more! She looks Fabulous! Thanks for sharing!

afoehl said...

Love the texture of the rocks and the images with the store front window. How appropriate for these two =) Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

The rock shots are great, but I just LOVE the one where they are laughing--that's how I remember them!

Kim C

Jim Cook said...

How many cameras broke taking pictures of Regis? Killer picks though .. he looks like a model!

Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

LOL re Jim Cook's comment!

These are fantastic. Seth and Jordanne always make such wonderful models. I like the third one and the last two, but they're all great!

And then there's Regis....oh Regis, my Vegas roomie. Did you liquify his biceps or what? Look at those guns! Those are a couple of great shots of a really tough subject. ;-)

jane cato photography said...

Oh!!! Those eyes!!!