abby and nathan's winter night wedding

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Abby and Nathan are a fun and original couple, there is not doubt about that. Nathan with his pin-up tattoos and Abby with her fun hair and cool style, we just knew that this wedding was going to have a unique twist to it. Not only did the wedding not disappoint but it exceeded the fun factor in so many ways. This was such a wonderful event to capture, couture hair and make-up mixed with feathers, sparkles and lots of laughter. The love b/t these two is so evident and it was such a pleasure to be there to photograph it all.

This is the warm and friendly face we first saw when walking in the salon, so nice!

The ever so stylish Abby.

While the girls finished up getting ready we headed out to Abby's family farm for the boys pictures. Yeah, there was just a few groomsmen...

The dashing Nathan.

The girl's were all styled, hair and make-up, by the fabulously talented Jordanne Clyde. Stay tuned for a special "bridesmaid only" post from this wedding!

A tender moment during the ceremony.

Most of the creative portraits were taken at night, in the cold. Really could have been a struggle with such a large group but these guys were a blast! And of course we let them huddle up!

Some fun creative portraits of the bride and groom.

The dance.

Thank you so much Abby and Nathan! We hope that you guys are having a fantastic time on your honeymoon!


Jamie Temple said...

I seriously have been checking every couple hours through the weekend to see this wedding post :) lol! My best friend Hope was a brides maid, and I have known Abby since I was in Jr. High... I knew it owuld be fabulous! Awesome. That's all I can say! :)

Matt Yung Photography said...

Love image 6, 12, and 13. Awesome job guys.

Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

Oh my!

Amanda said...

WOW! Love it!

Tracey said...

I love, love, love the bridesmaids group shot! Outstanding!!!!

Megan Beth said...

Are you serious?? I am blown away. These shots are absolutely phenomenal. I fell over on the floor, and peaked one eye back open to check them out again, and fell over again. I think they are so amazing. You'll have to teach me how to get my clients to look like models too...cause you've nailed it down. I LOVE the bridesmaids image, and the ones in the beaten up house. WOW brandy.