dinner with friends...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

For months now the The Torres', Garrett and us have been planning a littl surprise for Joy. We wanted to do something special for her being that she is such an amazing woman and a soon-to-be mom to another precious and assumedly well-dressed lil' girl. The dinner was casual-chic and wonderful! Katie and Chris were not only kind enough to take care of the images but they also put together a collage for us:

Katie prepared amazing Thai food that unfortunately is not represented above, but it was beautiful. The Rammel eggrolls were okay but those cupcakes - WOW!!!! Mine was minty and delicious=)

Thanks again to everyone! We cannot wait to meet the newest Nudd=)


Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

Thanks so much, guys for doing this. It was so much fun to surprise Joy and also so much fun to get together. So glad you had a successful and productive trip to atl.

Ryel j Photography said...

Wow!! What a fun night! You are an amazingly sweet and joyous friend... it has been so sweet getting to know you. Congrats on the Knott publishing. You so deserve it. This year is going to be the year for you guys!