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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I do not even know where to begin with this wedding. This is the 6th couple that we have photographed from this group of friends and family. Every single wedding they have made us feel more and more like family which just made this one so special. To top that off this is the 2nd daughter's wedding we have captured from a family that we truly adore. We have been looking forward to this day for quite sometime and it did not disappoint one bit.

Miss Ruby arrived before the bride. We love her but come on, who wouldn't?!

The gorgeous bride who is hard not to adore as well.

The guys and girl. I really loved the detail on the bridesmaid dresses.

Some great moments of Renee and her Dad.

Wonderful embraces during the ceremony.

We then headed to the courthouse which made a great backdrop for the sterling dresses.

The 4 sisters and their younger brother Bryan. There is no dull moment with this family, they are full of so much love. The dynamic is fun to be around=)

After the wedding party was finished with photos one of the groomsman returned on this ride (also one of our past groom's), lol!

A few of the happy couple.


Thank you to Renee, Jesse and all their friends and family for once again inviting us into your lives on such an important day. We had a wonderful time!


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to see the photos from Jesse and Renee's wedding! They are the most amazing, loving, hilarious couple you could ever meet, and I am lucky enough to call them friends! Great job of capturing this awesome couple and their wedding day!

Anonymous said...

STUNNING! I love that shot of the sisters and adorable! You guys photograph the most beautiful, stylish people....which makes perfect sense since you are two of the most gorgeous, naturally stylish people i know!!!

Miss and love you guys!

~amanda reynolds (who can never seem to remember her blogger info)

Garrett Nudd Photography Blog said...

Oh, how fun! The "sterling" dresses are great. The shot of them on the ground is fun and I really like the detail shot of the bouquets. What a fun wedding and fabulous couple!

Lindsay said...

I loved everything about Renee & Jesse's wedding, and you captured every detail perfectly! Sophisticated & Sassy, just like Renee!!! Awesome job!

Elisa said...

Somehow I ended up here and have been enjoying viewing these fantastic images! Very nice work!

Anonymous said...

These images are so moody! I love them all!!!