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Sunday, July 12, 2009

We have been looking forward to our trip to the Dominican Republic for Jill and Nolan's Destination Wedding for a very long time! We were thrilled when Jill contacted us to capture their day! Just last February we photographed her sister Jenelle's wedding. We were welcomed by their family with such open arms and this wedding was absolutely no exception. Jill and Nolan's closest friends and family gathered together for an intimate and fun wedding. Although there were only 50 people in attendance I believe I saw just as many smiles and hugs as you would see at a 500 person wedding. This was our first official beach wedding and it was wonderful!

We grabbed the boys real quick before heading over to the girls room. We needed shade and I loved the lines of this awning.

A bridesmaid assisting Jill with her make-up.

Lil' sis taking it all in.

The gorgeous bride.

The ceremony site.

I love that Jill walked with both of her parents, as did Jenelle when she was married.

These sisters are the best at joyful tears! I love these girls!

Nolan's parents are obviously very happy.

A celebration with the band.

The beautiful girls!

This was not my idea and I have to say that I was shocked that Jill agreed to it, lol! What a trooper!

A few of the gorgeous couple.

Entering the reception.

Their first dance as man and wife.

Nolan and his mom sharing a moment.

Always an emotional dance for Jill's dad. It is so evident how much he cares for his children.

Obviously an extremely happy couple surrounded by so many who love them!

Congratulations Jill and Nolan! Thank you so much for allowing us photograph this amazing day! We hope that the two of you are enjoying your new lives together!


Terrica with Fabuluxe™ said...

Awesome work, guys! You did such an awesome job with the emotions of the day. I should TOTALLY hire you guys to come and take pictures of me clean my living room or cooking dinner. I'm quite certain you would make that look fabulous. Again, phenomenal shots and thank you so much for sharing!

Regis said...

The sequences with the pyramid look so much fun. Great Idea!

Anonymous said...

just beautiful! Congrats, Jill!
Kim C

Hussey Photography said...

What a beautiful bride and couple!!
These pix came out SO GOOD!!
The crazy thing is one couple wanted to do the pyramid, but then chickened out...
But those pix of your turned out SO FUN!!

Awesome job!

Anonymous said...

These are by far your best pictures! They capture so much emotion! It really shows how much you love your job!

Shannon Haas said...

Omg beautiful!! The bride's smile reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker. Gorgeous gorgeous!!!

Bradt Photography said...

You have such a great eye! Keep it up the good work.

amanda reynolds said...

GORGEOUS!!!! Love them in that little cabana, so hot! And the bridesmaid running away from the pyramid is hysterical :)

Anonymous said...

Hello! So, couple things... My friend turned me on to your site bc she knows this bride. The pics are fabulous, great work! Second, my husband and I are loft3 photo based out of cincincinnati. :) I've been sitting here paging through your archives and have found some BA stuff! You've had some amazing locations and awesome brides! 3. We were actually in punta Cana from June 27th to july 3! Don't know if that's when u were there or not but there was a bride and half the plane was going for their wedding, flying out of cincy. The bride looked very similar.. How friggin ironic if it was u all?! Anywho, you've been bookmarked!;) peace Melanie

Melody said...

Yay for you guys! Looks like such a great time!!! :)