emily and clint's e-session

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back when we first spoke with Emily and Clint about their session Emily expressed that she wanted great images of them together but not too "engagement session" like. At that time the two of them were not engaged. In fact, they were not engaged when the showed up the day of the session. We were just getting started and Clint decided that this should be an engagement session, much to Emily (and our's) surprise:

What a great surprise for all of us! I love this sweet moment after wards:

And then a few more of the "e-session".

Thank you so much Emily and Clint! We were so honored to witness this exciting moment! Looking forward to hearing more about your wedding plans!


LisaLove said...

this is absolutely "engaging"! ;o) what an awesome moment to capture. Adorable- Love it!

Ashtin Hoverman said...

Emily is a good friend of mine, and ever since she told me about Clint surprising her I have been hounding your blog for the post of their pictures. They look phenomenal! I'm sure that Em couldn't be happier with them. :)

designingwoman said...

That is the sweetest thing EVER!! What a happy, gorgeous couple - great job, Guys!

Ruth Rackley said...

I love the emotional image after wards! too sweet